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IN MEMORIAM - Rui Correia (1978-2005) | Svenska Taidoförbundet

<p> On the past 25th of May, Portuguese Taido Association lost one of its best members, Rui Correia, whose sudden death, at the age of 26, struck friends and coleagues without notice. His disappearance was tragic for his familly and for all of those who knew him. </p>

It is known that Rui was eager to participate in this year WTC in Sweden and no one would imagine to be possible for him to develop cancer with such speed (a month and a half ago) specially because he had allways been such a healthy and active young man. Two years ago while practicing Taido and Boxing, Rui was the National Champion of Boxing in -67Kg for Sporting Clube de Portugal. Since this year he had been teaching gymnastics to children as Professor Miyake assistant.

His humourous joy and enourmous talent for Martial Arts will no longer be appreciated by his friends who loved him so much.

(Picture of Rui)

, 2005-06-13

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