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Finnkampen, Åbo

29 april, 2017

Finnkampen poster
Tävling för barn och ungdom (6-17 år)!

Här är senaste info från finska taidoförbundet (rulla ned):


Preliminary program and prices

Participation fee to the competiton 30e/person

Lunch 10-15 euros

SuperPark 17 euros

Ticket to the venue/ spectators 3e/person (tickets are sold at the sport hall with cash) -> under 12 year-olders for free

07.35 Ferry arrives to Åbo/ Turku -> transportation to the competition arena (transportation is included to the participation fee)

09.00-10.00 Light training for all competitors (is included to the participation fee)

10.00-10.30 Little snack (is included to the participation fee)

10.30-11.00 Warm up together (is included to the participation fee)

11.00-14.00 Competition (is included to the participation fee)

15.00-16.30 Late lunch 9-14eur/ depends on age

16.45-19.30 SuperPark 17e/ticket -> this is voluntary, but the ferry leaves quite late and this could be nice place to spent the time (transportation is included to the participation fee)

19.55 Transportation to terminal it is recommened for being at the harbour 30-60min before departure (transportation is included to the participation fee)

20.55 Ferry leaves to Stockholm


The tournament registration will open soon in Kihapp -system

The age limit in different categories is determined by [...]"the last day of the year”. Enrollment should be done ’Klubbvis’.

For invoicing etc. I need also some other information from the participants. Each individual [for kids: parent] should fill themselves in this link: by 16th April.

All participants should take out private insurance which is valid abroad and covers accidents in Taido competitions. Participants accept that the participation in the event is at their own responsibility and their own risk in every aspect. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid in Finland. That card gives access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in Finland. There is a first-aid group on spot. [Anmäl utlandstävling här:, så gäller SB&K:s försäkring också]

After we (hopefully) have lots of participants enrolled by 16th April -> I’ll send invoice and summary of the STA participants [to the Swedish Taido Association].

[2017-03-02] TRICK TRACK och O-JISSEN-regler:

Here is trick track instructions as an attachment. And one video about it too:

We filmed O-jissen video yesterday. We’ll prepare instructions in English next week. Here is the video anyway and fast summary about the rules to start with: video is in Finnish but I think you can see the idea from there.

  • Area – normal jissen area 9m x 9m

  • O-jissen duration is 1 minute

  • The object of o-jissen is to steal all 4 tails from the opponent

  • Competitors come to the competition area where their starting points are, and from the side. Bows are made when coming to and going from the competition area. The competitors walk straight to their starting points and do gedan gamae.

  • Shiro has 4 white tails attached under the belt one in front, one in both sides and one back. Aka has red tails the same way.

  • Each time one steals a tail and drops it to the ground (it is recommended to throw it outside the jissen area), one receives a point, time doesn’t stop before the whole minute is over or player has stolen all four tails from the opponent

  • Players are not allowed to touch/hold their own tails to keep them from being pulled, push opponent or drag from the clothes, or step outside of the jissen area – no warnings are given but judge should stop the fight (time doesn’t stop) and say if the players are doing wrong

  • After 1 minute o-jissen is over and competitors must pick up the tails from the ground (which one has stolen) and bring them to starting point (gedan gamae) judge asks students to go seiza and put stolen belts in front to show how many belts one has stolen

  • When the match has ended the judgments is announced while the competitors are in a seiza. Judge shows how many each competitor has in front of him and and declares a winner ”

  • The competition area is left the same route as when arriving. One should act respectfully toward the other competitor on the competition area.

  • If the match ends up in a draw overtime lasts for one minute. Overtime is played so, that just one tail is attached under the belt. It is the one at the front.

[2017-03-16] RABATT-KOD:

Here is a discount code if there is any help:

Stockholm-Marienhamn-Åbo M/S Amorella 28€ one way /C4 hytt 2-4 persons,

code: FVGRU

Åbo-Marienhamn-Stockholm M/S Grace 47€ one way/C4 hytt 2-4 persons, code:


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